Jess gets creeped out by the very same parking lot attendant that helped himself to one of Jeff’s boiling hot cans of Mountain Dew. We talk about the iPhone, and the crippling bug that came with iOS 8.0.1. And the new Oculus Rift prototype is looking pretty damned good. In Hollywood news, people cant seem… Read more »

The nerds interview their favorite sensei, and part time Vin Diesel impersonator, Alex Odulio. He charms the nerds with his wisdom and whimsy. Jessica has a soul shattering revelation amidst her accidental blatant racism. This one is full of laughs, tears and good times! Now sweep the leg, Jugbutt!!! Fun Fact: This is actually Alex’s… Read more »

The Nerds are surprised by unannounced guest Matthew, who comes from the Shire, the Ghetto part anyway. The Nerds dissect this little man, and find what makes him tick. We then find out he is marrying the cast of ‘Indiana Jones and the Temple of Doom’. Hold onto your potatoes folks, this one is going… Read more »

Straight from the Netherlands, Rutger Gret comes to visit the Nerds fresh off of his US world tour. Rutger has the worlds largest TMNT autograph collection and shares his hilarious stories about tracking down those sigs and stalking Whoopi Goldberg for days until she finally gives in to his ice cold Dutch eyes. We proudly… Read more »

Just finished watching the Fargo miniseries finale, and all I can say to sum it up is “Masterful”. This was everything a TV miniseries should be. The 10 episode run was the perfect length to tell the story of Lester Nygaard (Martin Freeman), and his shady misadventures. Because it was a limited 10 episode event,… Read more »

The Nerds in Hell podcast duo, approaching their 100th episode, relaunched their website today with a more user friendly design, and faster access to not only podcast episodes, but news stories, reviews, and blog posts. The relaunch coincides with a new season of celebrity interviews. The civilian podcast, known for their unprecedented access to celebrities,… Read more »