We get a little more serious in this episode. Remembering the life and times of Robin Williams, and how he kept us entertained over the years. His body of work is incredible, and there is more to come! We also talk about our personal dealings with depression. Other topics include a lewd Oculus Rift game,… Read more »

We are now viral Vine sensations! It took long enough, but we finally made a video with some traction. Go us! Mauro turned 30 over the weekend. We talk about our birthday adventure in the big city, and the party with his family the next day. ’24: Live Another Day’ concludes, and Jeff spoils it… Read more »

Our good friend, Boogie Down Sugar Brownstein, is defecting to Germany. We try to figure out his┬áreasons, and come up with ways to make him stay. Be it by convincing him he has friends here (yeah, right), or by doing something to get him put on a watch list so he isn’t allowed to leave… Read more »