We got to catch up with Hollywood Nice Boy, Steve Guttenberg once again. This time we are talking about his new SyFy Channel original movie, 2 Lava 2 Lantula. Steve tells us about fun times on set, working with old friends, his love affair with a Lavalantula, the future of the franchise, and more! As usual,… Read more »

Daredevil’s sophomore season builds on the momentum of its first season and somehow outdoes itself this year. When it premiered in 2015, there was a lot of pressure of bringing Hell’s Kitchen savior to life. In contrast to its bigger family friendly avengers, Daredevil separated itself immediate by taking us to the gritty and violent… Read more »

I’ll admit right off the bat; I wasn’t expecting this latest episode to be so damn good. What started off as a by–the-book procedural, spiraled into what will be one of the best and wonderfully written X-Files ever produced. Regrets, I had a few… The episode begins with Mulder surprisingly pissed being back in his basement… Read more »

Musings of the Candy Cigarette Smoking Men When you wish upon a star, the universe laughs at you. But sometimes, every so often, the universe gives back with a vengeance! Such is the case with 2016’s new X-Files mini series from the original creator, Chris Carter. The 6 part season will give us a look at… Read more »

We will be at NYCC every day, reporting from the floor, and interviewing celebrities. But most importantly, we are giving away a brand new Mattel HoverBoard replica! This is from the original preorder, so it also includes the 1/6 scale mini hoverboard. Board is unopened and includes the original packing/shipping sleeve. Entry is fast and… Read more »