#HOVERLOVER Contest Extended

We threw our free hoverboard giveaway¬†together pretty haphazardly. We came up with the plan pretty much the day before Comic Con, and figured it would be fast and easy. We handed out TONS of flyers at Comic Con, but what we didn’t count on, and probably should have anticipated, is that people rarely read any flyers they are handed at Comic Con (I know I’m guilty of that). And on top of that, our rule stating you had to be at the Con on Saturday may have cost us some entries as well. We were attempting to get at least 40 entries to run the contest, we didn’t reach that goal, so we retooled the contest, and we’re ready to go!

That being said, we are EXTENDING THE CONTEST to the day Marty McFly arrives in 2015. You now have until October 21st, 2015 to get your entries in. We will select the winner live on Periscope, and announce it on Twitter.

This is the officially licensed board by Mattel. Not only that, it is from the initial preorder, so it also comes with the 1/6 scale board!


Same rules as before, simply follow us on twitter @nerdsinhell, and tweet at us with the hashtag #hoverlover

That’s it! You’re entered! We will ship the board anywhere in the United States.
And to the few that entered during the Con, you’re still in!

Good luck!

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