King of the Nerds Season 3 Interview at NYCC2014

For the third year in a row, we had the pleasure of sitting down and talking to our heroes, Louis and Booger (Robert Carradine and Curtis Armstrong) from TBS’s King of the Nerds. Season 3 starts Friday, January 23rd 2015, and we can’t wait! It’s great to see the show growing the way it has. Last year, we got to sit down with the nerds and had them all to ourselves for our interview. This year, the room was packed, and they were only doing roundtable style interviews. While we would have preferred to sit alone with them again, it was nice to see how popular the show has become.

First we talked to Kayla LaFrance and Xander Jeanneret from season 2. Kayla was crowned last seasons’ King of the Nerds, and Xander is now working for the show as the Social Media Ambassador. We talked about surviving in Nerdvana, a particularly insane cast member from last season, what life is like after the competition is over, the upcoming King of the Nerds UK, and how to get involved with other nerds.

Kayla and Xander talk to us about King of the Nerds Season 3

Next we spoke with Robert Carradine and Curtis Armstrong (our two dads). Separately this time, since the room was so packed. First up is Robert Carradine. As with previous years, Jeff tries to weasel some information out of him about getting to see some Revenge of the Nerds cast members involved, all we got was that it’s difficult to get them because of scheduling conflicts. So that isn’t a “no”! We learn of Robert’s childhood dream of being a race car driver. We also learn that this season will be more about nerd smarts, than pop culture knowledge. Then we spoke with Curtis Armstrong. Mauro tries to buy the shirt off of Curtis’ back. Curtis talks about the creation of the show, teases us with info about a horror themed episode, and gender equality in Nerdvana.

Robert Carradine talks to us about King of the Nerds Season 3

Curtis Armstrong talks to us about King of the Nerds Season 3

We want to give another huge thanks to TBS and all the guys from King of the Nerds for giving us the opportunity to sit down and talk with them again this year. Looking forward to doing it again at New York Comic Con 2015!

In other news, we finally, FINALLY got our picture taken with the guys. The first year we met them, we asked a random person to snap a picture of us. This guy somehow managed to get us both turned away from the camera, and fully blocking both Robert and Curtis. The second year, we just didn’t have anyone around to snap a pic. But this year, it actually happened. Mission accomplished.

Be sure to check out season 3 of King of the Nerds, Friday January 23rd at 9pm Eastern on TBS (Very Funny Nerdy).

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