Movie Review: PACIFIC RIM!

You see that giant sword in the poster, yup, this is the summer movie we’ve been waiting for…

If you mash up the 1989 classic “Robot Jox” with the Mighty Morphin Power Rangers, add some Cloverfield, and finally add an incredible 2013 cast of actors & Director Guillermo del Toro’s film making and you get the insane film that is Pacific Rim. In it’s core this film has all the characteristics of what makes a great summer blockbuster. From incredible gigantic Robot on Monster fights to strong characters who make us care about the world that director Guillermo del Toro has created.

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The movie starts with a narration by main actor Charlie Hunnam who explains what’s happened to earth since the first Kaiju monster attacks began. From the rise and the Jaeger bot program, to it’s successful defense of the cities to it’s untimely defeat by bigger & stronger Kaiju. This is where the movies takes us to present day, where it seems humanity has given up and accepted its fate as more Kaiju’s are invading earth and the end of days is near.



Guillermo has really given us an exciting world to absorb and placed amazing actors who really bring their A game to a film. Rinko Kikuchi and Charlie Hunnam are fantastic in this film as they get to both pilot the Gypsy Danger after it’s long absence. Idris Elba knocks it out of the park as the Jaeger’s leader in command Stacker Pentecost, also a former Jaeger pilot who serves as the films moral compass. Unfortunately the films begins with a majority of Jaeger mechs destroyed due to the increase in Kaiju attacks so we only get to meet a few of the remaining Jaeger bots and their pilots left.


Speaking of the Jaegers, i said Goddamn, I can’t help but geek out over the incredibly designed robots we see in this film. The film’s main jaeger mech “Gypsy Danger” is reminiscent of the great WWII bomber plans decked out with nostalgic pin up artwork. It’s body covered in military markings made it easy to believe that this was a real heavy behemoth that could exist within this film and in the not too far future. Other Jaegers had similar awesome sounding names crimson typhoon, striker eureka, cherno alpha, and coyote tango.


The concept that a pilot mentally connects to the robot itself in battle really sold the performance of the fights. These robots had, for lack of a better term, Robot Swagger. From their walking, stance, and most importantly fighting skills, each Jaeger had their own identity and distinct personality. Fight fans of UFC will really get a kick of watching Jaegers put Kaiju’s in semi arm bars, drop kicks, body slams and full on face pounding with “Rocket Elbow” punches. I can’t help but smile after typing that last sentence.


I can’t say enough about the Kaiju monsters either, simply in awe at the massive Category 4 beasts and eventually a CATEGORY 5! These aren’t just mindless monsters either, nope, these bad boys have personalities as well and as we come to find out are soldiers from another universe! It was a treat to know that these monsters were intelligent and learned to adapt their fighting skills with each Jaeger they fought. When you see these Kaijus start using weapons, you will lose your damn mind, i promise.


From their tiny Skin parasites that cling onto these kaijus like fleas to their beautiful glowing bodies and tentacles. I almost felt bad that these guys had to get their assess kicked in the film. If the creature design looks slightly familiar then you will recognize and appreciate the incredible work of none other than Guy Davis. A big time comic book and film illustrator Davis’ work shines in Pacific Rim. From the Kaiju’s eyes down to their posture, his work comes to life in the greatest way imaginable. Do yourself a favor and check out his site that is full of wonder for any and all Monster fans!



If you’ve been waiting for a great Science Fiction film with a heavy dose of Action, Pacific Rim is the movie for you. You would be doing yourself a great disservice if you passed up on this, and for god’s sake, see this in IMAX 3D. I watched a scene on tv and the differences were from 1 to 100 just can’t compare to IMAX, that’s an experience.

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Things to watch out for:

-Charlie Day’s performance as the Kaiju obsessed scientist. Hilarious performance

-Ron Perlman. seriously, this guy can do no wrong!!

-wait for after the credits, TRUST ME.

-Look out for the “Daft Punk” esque entrance by the two pilots in the beginning of the film. made me laugh.