The Return of the Taco Bell Volcano Menu (sorta)

Well, not exactly, but if you’re willing to do some creative ordering, you can get pretty close. A while back, the Taco Bell Volcano Menu was quietly retired as they were ramping up the Doritos Locos Tacos line. This was a very unwelcome surprise to myself and seemingly endless like minded fast food aficionados. The Lava Sauce was one of my favorite things on the menu, and you could add it to everything. I would have soft Volcano tacos and Volcano cheesy potato burritos all the time. I even swore off the Doritos taco in protest (I eventually came around, because it’s delicious), and some people hoarded Lava Sauce like doomsday preppers. I didn’t go that far, but I will admit that I went out of my way to find Taco Bell’s that still had a little Lava Sauce left.

But there has been an interesting development in the Dorito Taco collection. The new Spicy Chicken Cool Ranch Doritos Locos Taco (that’s a mouth full), has a very familiar looking sauce on it, they are calling it Fiery Sauce, but it makes a pretty close substitute for Lava Sauce. And you can order it on anything you want. I went with soft tacos, but I’m sure I will be throwing it on everything soon. I’m gonna do my best, with the help of the internet, to help you recreate the entire Taco Bell Volcano Menu with Fiery Sauce. Fiery Sauce isn’t an exact match for Lava Sauce, but it’s better than no Lava Sauce.

Taco Bell Volcano Menu Substitutes

Volcano Taco from the Taco Bell Volcano Menu

Volcano Taco

You can’t get the red shell anymore, but you can simply ask for Fiery Sauce on a hard or soft taco.

Volcano Burrito from the Taco Bell Volcano Menu

Volcano Burrito

This one is a bit more work to reproduce, but it can be done!

  1. Order a ground beef burrito.
  2. Take off the red sauce and onions.
  3. Add rice, red strips, and fiery sauce.
Volcano Nachos from the Taco Bell Volcano Menu

Volcano Nachos

  1. Order Nachos.
  2. Add red strips, jalepenos, and fiery sauce.

And there you have it! A pretty close Taco Bell Volcano Menu! Spread the word, and feel free to beg Taco Bell on Twitter to bring the Volcano Menu back.

And remember, it’s not fast food, it’s good food quickly!

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