Robot Combat Leauge – Reviewed and combat ready!!!


It’s finally here!

SyFy is showing off the first episode of it’s Real Steel parody, tribute, homage, spin-off??? called “The Robot Combat League”. Having just watched the first episode I have to be honest and say it very well met every expectation I had of it. Now that isn’t to say it doesn’t have it’s faults, but were talking about Real robots fighting UFC (sorta) style and what Nerd wouldn’t love that.

Hosted by Chris Jericho of WWE/WWF (I’m old) fame, the show follows contestants as they compete with their wireless mechanical fighters in the ring to win 100,000$. The robots range from the Beautifully designed Scorpio to ugly throw away wind up designs of Steampunk ( looks like it walked off of a 60’s B movie).

Right off the bat, the robots do have a great range of motion. There arms controlled by a motion controlled set up, operated by a contestant with some sort of athletic background. The movement are controlled from a separate rig where the contestants sit down and drive al la an 80’s arcade racing game.

Robot Combat League - Season 1

The Fighting

This is where they hooked me. You see, the robots are great, but they are connected to a T-Bar on their backs that has wheels and helps with stability. I wasn’t impressed when i saw that thing lugging around behind them, but man, when those robots fists start flying i completely forgot about it. There were times in the episode where parts of the robots would break and fly off and you realized you’re watching robots fight!

These bots are fast, and you get the sense of actual boxing when they are charging another robot and start throwing upper cuts and jabs. Sparks fly, and Oil gushes out of these giant machines when they get hit and the end of this episode gives you a great sense of damage we can expect to see. (arms are literally broken, sparks are flying and pools of oil all spilled over the floors!)

The Robots won’t definitely disappoint you if your a fight fan. These babies get right in the sweet spots of from the mid-section to the sides and all the way to the head-shots. There were times when i noticed it was a high-tech recreation of Robot-sock em from the 90’s and 90’s. I kinda wanted to see one of their heads pop off and sparks flying to signify a KO. (one day!)


This show really has potential, and being the first of it’s kind here in the states (sorry I don’t consider battlebots anywhere in this category) is a gigantic stepping stone for Robot boxing. Can you imagine a few season’s down the road, these robots have faster motors, variable speed control, and full use of it’s legs and hands. Hell, who wouldn’t want to see a robot covered in sponsor insignia like NASCAR, laying a round-house kickin the ring? (Where is my Coca-Cola branded Bot!!!).


-Fast hard hitting ranger of motion, fighting very much in style with Boxing (no Kicks and no ear biting, sorry Tyson bot!)

-great carnage, lots of broken arms and sparks will give us great visual candy to go along with the brutality

– potential toy market? who doesn’t want a wii-controll like robot of there own (cross your damn fingers now!)

-Fun robot designs, you will definitely have a favorite robot when you watch the show. They Draw you in and each one has a specila feature (knives attached to hands comes to mind).


-Range of motion is limited, the speed is great but let’s see some slow paced taunting or smooth arm motion. right now it’s fast clunky and very harsh movement

-the fights are edited and a little too dramatized. let’s see the actual fight as it happens in real time, shorter rounds and let the audience experience it as you would a normal UFC or Boxing event. the editing does take away the spirit of Combat.

– annoying T-bar attached to robots, hopefully a few years from now we will have the technology to let the robots stand up-right on there own. Then, we would definitely see more agile and light footed robot fighting.

Let’s hope the world is ready for Robot fighting, because I know I have been for a long time


catch the first episode and keep up with the robots here on SyFy’s own website.


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