Space Age Command Hoodies……the Review!!!!

Perfect for the starship captain on the go, or the casual crewman lounging around, here comes Hero Hoodiez!

For the record, these are called “Space Age” hoodies and in no way mention or have anything to do with star trek, the colors and styles are similar for any fan to love them.

I cam across Hero Hoodiez while trolling for Star Trek merch through a google image search a week ago. At first I thought it was a failed Kickstarter attempt and I was instantly bummed that these babies weren’t real. However, low and behold, these are being sold now and in different colors! Via the Michael Alen collection at his storefront,, you can find these trek inspired hoodies and much more!

now for the review..

Right off the bat this hoodie is awesome. The colors are vibrant and the stitching is excellent. This isn’t you run of the mill fan made garment, nope, this could easily be sold in stores. Priced at 79.00, these aren’t cheap, but the quality and fit more than make up for the high price tag for some trek clothing.

Made of 100% cotton these hoodies have a casual fit that don’t hug the body like other spandex hipster hoodies sold at clothing stores now-a-days. But what’s the fun factor here? Umm….you get to wear your cosplay to work and no one is the wiser!! Seriously, I wore this to the office and although a few people (my trekkies) immediately gave me the thumbs up, other’s thought i was wearing a normal fashionista hoodie. Another cool feature are the hidden pockets right on the front of the hoodie. Perfectly stitched along the bottom of the points, the pockets neatly line up and are big enough for keys, iphones, or a tricorder.Colors come in Command Red and Science Gold. sizing is spot on, me being a 36″ was it and 5’9″ this fit me like a dream. shipping was super fast, 1-3 days, and the owner was a great person who communicated very fast. I won’t lie, as i wore it, I felt i was in some sort of awesome costume party at work and I felt in command lol.

Who’s it for;

-cosplayers who want to casually go to conventions without the hot jumpsuits and can easily zip uo/down when the weather
gets too much.
-the working man/woman Trekkie. Throw some jeans and some cool sneakers and this hoodie works well on the street
– any Trekkie wether casual or die hard, it’s hard to pass up on trek hoodie thats so spot on and professionally

who’s it not for?
-the grump bitter star wars fans. sorry guys, it’s not cool to dress up like R2D2, people love the Riker look!

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