The X-files: Reopened

Musings of the Candy Cigarette Smoking Men

When you wish upon a star, the universe laughs at you. But sometimes, every so often, the universe gives back with a vengeance! Such is the case with 2016’s new X-Files mini series from the original creator, Chris Carter. The 6 part season will give us a look at what our beloved FBI agents Mulder and Scully have been up to since their last venture (The X-Files: I want to Believe 2008). Lets see what Jeff & Mauro have to say about last nights premiere!

Here are some bullet points of our thoughts during part 1 of the 2 part premier.

The X-Files, S10E01 – My Struggle

  • No more sports before the show, unless Aliens kidnap the players. Seriously, did we need to recap the players feelings about the game for a half hour? We get it, you outsported those other sports guys, hit the showers.
  • The original opening credits are back, and it was so great to see them before a brand new episode. The nostalgia was strong.
  • The crashing UFO animation looked a bit like stale 90s cgi, but the physical prop of the downed UFO looked fantastic. It was nice to see the actors were able to interact with a real life object
  • A.D. Skinner is still a beefcake, wearing a beard only shows the passage of time, he still looks eerily the same.
  • Did they mention if he is still the A.D. (Assistant Director)? I hope he’s moved up the food chain a bit after all this time, but I’m sure the (Cigarette Smoking) Man is keeping him down.
  • The injured, crawling alien looked to be a great mix of practical and computer generated effects. Looked eerily real, and had a sexy crawl to him.
  • Why did the military bring that doctor with them to see the crash and the alien, only to kill it before he could lend any of his expertise to the situation? Was that portion of it staged for some reason?
  • Mulder sounded a bit like everyone’s paranoid uncle.
  • Mulder’s epic rant, complete with video clips (lol, Bush’s ‘Mission Accomplished’ banner), made him seem pretty nuts.
  • Hard to take Joel McHale too seriously. We keep expecting it to be a bit for The Soup
  • After years of X-files, how does Scully still not believe in at least monsters and ghosts. Shes’ seen some serious shit already. Sure, she retested the blood based on her doubts and at least a slight willingness to believe, but still. She should be as crazy-sounding as Mulder by now.
  • CSM is looking a bit uncanny valley. Was he cobbled back together from the pieces left over after that air strike?
  • With Mulder as paranoid as he is now, you’d think he would steer clear of smart phones. I hope he held on to his pager, it would be great to see some other conspiracy nut beep him.
  • How does Ron Howard’s dad get a part in absolutely every cool project? Seeing him pop up is like an instant seal of quality.
  • Will William (Mulder and Scully’s son) make an appearance?
  • From what I can gather, Mulder and Scully no longer work for the FBI. Is Skinner saying “Hey guys, the X-Files are reopened” enough to get their jobs back?
The X-Files, S10E01 - My Struggle

Look back at the camera… FIERCE!

The X-Files - s09e20 - The Truth

This was the last shot of the Cigarette Smoking Man in the season 9 finale.

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