NYCC 2014 Contest – WIN $100

Listen up, monsters. It’s contest time again! Come visit us at New York Comic Con, booth #1239. Get yourself an official Nerds in Hell sticker. And place it in the craziest or coolest place you can think of. Then take a picture and tweet it @nerdsinhell with the hashtag #stickercon.

We will choose the winner based on our very secretive, patent-pending scientific method.

The Prize!
A contest usually has a prize, yes? Well we have a treat for you! The winner will receive 100 US DOLLARS! Those really are the best kind of dollars you can get.

Rules and Shit:
Follow us on twitter @nerdsinhell. Entrant must obtain a sticker from us by any means necessary, this pretty much means you have to come to our booth and get one at New York Comic con. Tweet must @ mention nerdsinhell, and include the hashtag stickercon. Contest ends at midnight eastern on Monday, October 13th.

Latest Entries

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