Jeff and Mauro recap the best New York Comic Con ever! Join the nerds and the newly engaged Jessica Caviezel as they regail you with amazing tales of nerdom and tearful moments of joy! The Nerds meet their Dads Booger and Louis from Revenge of the Nerds, and Jessica becomes a person of interest! Enjoy… Read more »

Matt The “Charm” Laube makes his 3rd triumphant return to the show to talk about Comic Con nerves! The Nerds brace for impact as they try to get a game plan on who to interview during their press pass rampage at comic con. We try milking some scary stories from Matt for the start of… Read more »

The Nerds go to Six Flags to celebrate labor day like ladies. Audio is wacky because Mauro is an asshole and forgot to check feedback so forgive us on this one. It’s still funny‚Ķ but are any of these ever funny? wakka wakka We also lost the last half hour or so of this one,… Read more »

Jeff comes into some serious blood money, and the nerds contemplate the nerdy crap he will do with his coins. Jess makes it known she’s infatuated and loves a guy in a suit, preferably old men like David Letterman or Jim Caviezel. And Mauro gets his Wolverine jacket.