The nerds are joined once again by big time crackerjack hotshot fatcat bigwig author Matthew Laube. Long time fans (yeah right) might remember Matt from Episode 10: Guy Falafel, Dick Detective. Matt is in to chillax, pimp his book, and talk a little about the upcoming New York Comic Con. Mauro spoils The Wolverine for… Read more »

On today’s show the Nerds welcome Axel “Muscles Magilicutty” to the show. Axel, not content with being a fine substitute teacher, Arnold Schwarzenegger look-a-like, moonlights as a bouncer and all around man with Muscles on the go. He takes the boys through his manly adventures in the nitty gritty Strip club jobs he’s taken and… Read more »

The nerds are on a movie binge. We check out all the summer blockbusters. This is a short episode because we had to rush out the door to see Pacific Rim. In this episode, we talk about ‘This is the End’, ‘Mars Attacks!’, and more. Jeff tells everyone about a fancy mansion party, Jess swings… Read more »

It’s the Comic Con episode!!!! The nerds meet their idols and Jeff is attacked by Stan Lee’s cologne! Patrick Stewart & Wil Wheaton take a shinning to Jessica and Mauro is left out in the cold. We meet the Fonz himself, Henry Winkler and get some awesome artwork done by Bob Camp from Ren &… Read more »

Paula Deen stops by the Sugar Brownstein studios to apologize while sipping her mint Julip. Mauro asks 1 of the nerdiest questions in the history of Nerds, everyone makes fun of him for it. Jess crashes in with her special breaking news. Mauro confesses he wants to kiss Patrick Stewart on the head when he… Read more »

The nerds plan out their fancy weekend with Jess as there off into the big city for some laughs. They plan a return to getting massages at a spa. Jeff has violent flashbacks about being knocked unconscious in his early days at sports. Jess is excited about seeing Chris D’elia at Carolines comedy club, and… Read more »

It’s a Bird, it’s a plane, NO its a special episode of Nerds in Hell!! Jeff, Mauro, and Jess review the new Superman film and the classic Reeve film. We go in deep into the 1978 Reeve classic and the new 2013 reiteration “Man of Steel”! We cover the good, the bad, and the ridiculousness… Read more »

Mauro has his Motorcycle totaled by the worst driver ever since the invention of the wheel. Mauro has a breakdown over his demolished dreams while Jeff talks about the seeing Buzz Aldrin perform “she blinded me with science” on the you tubes. The dummy Father who named his son “Adolf” is in the news again,… Read more »