It’s a scorcher in the brownsteins studios coming in at a sweaty 90 degrees. Mauro plays softball for the first time in years and is booed by on lookers. Jeff regales us with his first of many girl stories and his short time in the world of sports. We review fast and the furious. Jeff… Read more »

The Nerds review Star Trek into darkness with a special appearance by Spock himself!!!! Mauro freaks when he self diagnoses himself as a manic dumb ass and talks about his car getting hit by a ninja. Someone online compares Jessica’s wisdom as that of the almighty goblin Yoda!!!! and Finally we talk fancy man talk… Read more »

All hell breaks loose when Mauro and Jess go on a Universal vacation. Mauro gets yelled at by his estranged Father in Florida and by a woman trying to sell him a timeshare. The Nerds officially announce the start of the Pushkin wars as Mike confronts Mauro about episode 50 LOL. Jeff takes us deep… Read more »

On today’s show we talk about crazy movie casting news, the newly announced remake of Weird Science and the HOLY SHIT THIS SUCKS movie R.I.P.D. seriously, watch the trailer it stinks like a wet babies turd!!! All this and more as we plan our exciting trip to Universal Studios islands of ponchos!!!!

Jeff walks us through his pick up lines for the ladies!!! Jess confesses her random hook ups with creepers on the streets as a youth. Mauro reviews Jurassic Park in 3D and the Shinning!! He’s never seen it SMH. also man Killing Beavers, Jehovah Witnesses attack Jeff and we talk about putting North Korea into… Read more »

Mauro tries his new comedy bit/speech he has to give at work while Jeff and Jessica discuss how they pretty much have no friends and hate to interact with society. We review Gi Joe 2 and the much anticipated Jurassic Park 3d!! Now with Jeff Goldblum in a marvel 3rd dimension! It’s too much Goldblum… Read more »

The Pelican attacks Mauro at his lunch hour and his nerd rage almost becomes deadly! We answer some twitter questions, really odd ones!! Jeff and Jess talk about there weird nerd fetishes and Mauro plots his revenge on the pelican. We also talk about the new summer movies coming out!

The nerds have pope fever. We talk about the new guy, and his colorful new neighborhood. Then we imagine winning the lottery, and talk about the stupid ways we would blow through the money.