Mauro returns from California where he had a piece of artwork shown in a gallery, and stumbled into several celebrities. Jeff pitches a TV series called ‘Hunk Island’, which is as awesome as it sounds.

Mauro is getting ready to go to California to present a piece of his art in a gallery! We also talk about the Mystery Science Theater 3000 reunion we are going to next week.

We finally recap our trip to California! Hear all the ups, downs, smiles and frowns. Jess buys everything in California, we eat at In-n-Out Burger, and Mauro hits Jeff where it hurts… in the balls.

We were invited to do a live show at East Side Mags in Montclair, NJ! We talk about comic books, The new Captain America movie, interview random nerds, Jeff busted his head open like Ric Flair and we recount the tale, and more. Jeff reveals another detail about his past and discusses the comic book… Read more »

If I┬áposted this in a more timely manner, I’d remember what we talked about. It’s probably nothing. Jeff made a new intro song, so enjoy that. I demand it.

This is our second attempt at episode 171. The first one was terrible. So is this.

We’re back! We took a couple weeks off, but here we are new and in no way improved! Mauro spoils Batman v Superman, and we talk about stuff we watched over the weeks.