Who could possibly remember what this was about? I need to start uploading these on time. Enjoy it. Although you probably wont!

I forgot to post this and forgot what we talked about. I know we were swigging gin right from the bottle. Enjoy!

Mauro visits the gun range, and is somehow allowed to use the guns. He explains what the kiss of death is, and how to administer it.

We drink Crystal Pepsi while discussing the shitty start of 2016. Mauro talks about all the expensive garbage he recently bought. Jeff is broke.

We are wrapping up 2015. The future is over. We talk about some of our favorite memories and episodes from the year that the future happened. We also spoil Star Wars: The Force Awakens. We took last week off, so we are doing some catch up this week. You were warned!

We are getting ready to see the new Star War before it gets spoiled to hell and back. Jeff already encountered what might be a huge spoiler by accident, will it be true? Jeff has high hopes, Mauro has no expectations.

We get ready for Thanksgiving! Mauro and Jess are going to Mauro’s family’s place, and Jeff is dreading seeing his family, as usual. Mauro wants to go shopping on black Friday like a god damned savage. We then recall times we worked in retail during black Fridays of the past, and that doesn’t sway him…. Read more »