We just watched the Star Wars Holiday Special, and it was dreadful. We recap our favorite moments of that, until the recording cuts out halfway through and all you hear is a loud buzz for the remainder of the broadcast. Enjoy! UPDATE: We managed to salvage the audio. So have at it!

We are all angry about Star Wars fans. Mystery Science Theater 3000 might be coming back. And we are going to be on the Food Network! All this and some other stuff. Enjoy! (Or don’t, who cares.)

It’s the most wonderful time of the year again! Halloween is only days away. On this years annual Halloween Spooktacular, we recall embarrassing costumes and trick or treating experiences from the past, talk about horror movies that actually scared us, explain our elaborate costumes, and Jeff recites some Hamlet from memory.   All this and… Read more »

We just watched Heroes Reborn, and we’re very upset about it. Jeff dreams up a way to beat the system at Disney. We also talk about Ashley’s 30th birthday, and her engagement. Jess gets her first ticket ever. Took her long enough. And Mauro plans for the Blood Rave, which is exactly what it sounds… Read more »

We talk about random Halloween stuff, and discuss the technical details of vampire reflections. Jeff went to the Renaissance Faire, Mauro went to Newark Comic Con to sell his wares. We plan for our friend Ashley’s 30th birthday party, which is being held in a cabin of some sort in the middle of nowhere in… Read more »

We are all over the place with this one. We talk about the recent Apple announcements, the movie ‘Hackers’, and Mauro’s hipster obsession with replacing his smartphone with multiple old devices.