We are joined by our good friend Ashlee in the studios this evening. Jeff is stalked by fangirls, and explains the price of fame. Now that he’s paid the price, does the fame come rolling in? Jeff thinks the whole thing is creepy, but everyone else thinks it’s cute. We also tell stories about being… Read more »

We have opened every episode with our buddy George Lowe saying “Live From The Sugar Brownstein Studios”, and it was always a joke, since a podcast is typically a pre-recorded thing. Well, over the past few weeks, we’ve been experimenting with some live broadcasting apps, and I think we have it down. So if you… Read more »

We just got home from the loudest restaurant known to man, and we had a few drinks. We talk about the latest happenings in the movie and tv world, Simon Pegg’s truth bomb about nerd culture, and Jeff pitches two movies where Mauro stars as a person going through a sexual transition: Aunt Man, and… Read more »

We are testing our new setup. We are live streaming the podcast on Raur, an audio streaming service, and Periscope, a video streaming service. We also decide to ask Jess all our burning questions about baby faced beefcake, Channing Tatum, and dongs.

We are up in arms about the new Hamburglar. How sad must a dad become to burgle burgers? We also talk about weirdos at the post office. Umbalump stum? Robble robble!

Jeff and Mauro take a field trip to the Chiller Theatre Convention. Then we extend that field trip to stuff our faces with tasty wieners at the Dover Grill. We also discuss the seemingly endless supply of superhero shows and movies. Mauro can’t get enough, while Jeff is just annoyed by them, like everything else… Read more »

Ashlee is back for her third appearance, and she’s getting ready to embark on a fact-finding mission in Berlin to see if the Sugar Brownstein legends are true. She didn’t believe he was a real person, let alone a walking unwrapped dusty mummy skeleton. Jess makes a sale with one of her homemade handicrafts. Jeff… Read more »

Mauro and Sacco have Daredevil fever. Jeff, admittedly hasn’t seen it, but doesn’t understand the appeal at all. Also, Jeff’s brothers wedding is coming up, and the DJ doesn’t want to allot him enough time to deliver his speech. Jerk. Jess is gearing up to start an Etsy shop, so keep your peepers peeled for… Read more »

Ashlee returns from her trip to the land of no robots. She tells us about all the stuff she didn’t see! Also, fancy-boy foodie Sacco is in studio to hear all about the fantastic cuisine she enjoyed while she was there.

Hey guys, Jeff here. I’m a lazy piece of garbage and didn’t post the episode. I can’t remember what it was about. You tell me.