We just watched Heroes Reborn, and we’re very upset about it. Jeff dreams up a way to beat the system at Disney. We also talk about Ashley’s 30th birthday, and her engagement. Jess gets her first ticket ever. Took her long enough. And Mauro plans for the Blood Rave, which is exactly what it sounds… Read more »

We talk about random Halloween stuff, and discuss the technical details of vampire reflections. Jeff went to the Renaissance Faire, Mauro went to Newark Comic Con to sell his wares. We plan for our friend Ashley’s 30th birthday party, which is being held in a cabin of some sort in the middle of nowhere in… Read more »

We are joined by Johnny, a wise beefcake with many life lessons to teach. He gives us his Pokemon philosophy for friends, where he explains that you need different friends with specific skills to help you along your way. He can also determine your worth as a person based on your credit score. It’s kind… Read more »

We are joined once again by Matt, who brings his wife Ami along. We talk about poops amongst other things.

We talk with the great Steve Guttenberg about his current feature film on the Syfy Channel, ‘Lavalantula’. Steve reunites with several of his ‘Police Academy’ costars to save California from giant tarantulas that spit hot lava! We can’t thank Steve enough for taking the time to talk with us. He was, as we’ve always heard,… Read more »

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