The Nerds are surprised by unannounced guest Matthew, who comes from the Shire, the Ghetto part anyway. The Nerds dissect this little man, and find what makes him tick. We then find out he is marrying the cast of ‘Indiana Jones and the Temple of Doom’. Hold onto your potatoes folks, this one is going… Read more »

Straight from the Netherlands, Rutger Gret comes to visit the Nerds fresh off of his US world tour. Rutger has the worlds largest TMNT autograph collection and shares his hilarious stories about tracking down those sigs and stalking Whoopi Goldberg for days until she finally gives in to his ice cold Dutch eyes. We proudly… Read more »

We are now viral Vine sensations! It took long enough, but we finally made a video with some traction. Go us! Mauro turned 30 over the weekend. We talk about our birthday adventure in the big city, and the party with his family the next day. ’24: Live Another Day’ concludes, and Jeff spoils it… Read more »

Mauro watches a documentary on Netflix about “Real Life Superheroes”, Jeff is disgusted by the recap. These goons need to grow up and behave like civilized human beings. Mauro and Jess also tell Jeff about their visit to Big Tommy Edison’s laboratory. We learn about his mysterious getaways, and various inventions.

OOOOOOOH YEEEEEEAHHHH! It’s the ultimate summer slam smackdown when the flesh flutist Christopher Sacco and the Barbecue Boy Darren Roadhouse visit the studios and layeth a smackdown on the Nerds, brother! We find out that Jeff is the worst judge of character ever, and a surprise from Jessica on the show! Whatcha gonna do, when… Read more »