This one is not for the faint of heart folks! Vai and Keta come to the studios to recount there real, documented, and certified tales of being haunted by ghosts and being attacked by spirits in India, and right here in there own home. Jeff teases the spirits and wants to live with one. While… Read more »

Jeff and Mauro recap the best New York Comic Con ever! Join the nerds and the newly engaged Jessica Caviezel as they regail you with amazing tales of nerdom and tearful moments of joy! The Nerds meet their Dads Booger and Louis from Revenge of the Nerds, and Jessica becomes a person of interest! Enjoy… Read more »

Matt The “Charm” Laube makes his 3rd triumphant return to the show to talk about Comic Con nerves! The Nerds brace for impact as they try to get a game plan on who to interview during their press pass rampage at comic con. We try milking some scary stories from Matt for the start of… Read more »

Jeff comes into some serious blood money, and the nerds contemplate the nerdy crap he will do with his coins. Jess makes it known she’s infatuated and loves a guy in a suit, preferably old men like David Letterman or Jim Caviezel. And Mauro gets his Wolverine jacket.

The nerds are joined once again by big time crackerjack hotshot fatcat bigwig author Matthew Laube. Long time fans (yeah right) might remember Matt from Episode 10: Guy Falafel, Dick Detective. Matt is in to chillax, pimp his book, and talk a little about the upcoming New York Comic Con. Mauro spoils The Wolverine for… Read more »

On today’s show the Nerds welcome Axel “Muscles Magilicutty” to the show. Axel, not content with being a fine substitute teacher, Arnold Schwarzenegger look-a-like, moonlights as a bouncer and all around man with Muscles on the go. He takes the boys through his manly adventures in the nitty gritty Strip club jobs he’s taken and… Read more »