Jeff walks us through his pick up lines for the ladies!!! Jess confesses her random hook ups with creepers on the streets as a youth. Mauro reviews Jurassic Park in 3D and the Shinning!! He’s never seen it SMH. also man Killing Beavers, Jehovah Witnesses attack Jeff and we talk about putting North Korea into… Read more »

Mauro tries his new comedy bit/speech he has to give at work while Jeff and Jessica discuss how they pretty much have no friends and hate to interact with society. We review Gi Joe 2 and the much anticipated Jurassic Park 3d!! Now with Jeff Goldblum in a marvel 3rd dimension! It’s too much Goldblum… Read more »

The Pelican attacks Mauro at his lunch hour and his nerd rage almost becomes deadly! We answer some twitter questions, really odd ones!! Jeff and Jess talk about there weird nerd fetishes and Mauro plots his revenge on the pelican. We also talk about the new summer movies coming out!

We decided to record a second episode after the asshole episode. While discussing video games past, present, and future, Mauro has a real life Mario Bros. moment when his kitchen begins filling with water. IT’S A’MEEEE MAUROOOOO!

Meet Mark. A man that looks more like Jim Henson, and knows more about living like a hobo, than any young man with a home should. Mark tells us about homebrewing beer, playing in bands, and his love of the theremin. Mark actually made part of the theme song we used way back in episode… Read more »

The Nerds are moving on up. We discuss expanding Nerds in Hell beyond the podcast, starting with blogs. Mauro has a fancy gentleman’s brush. Jess is drunk. And Jeff and Christine talk about their money diet experiment.