Mauro unfortunately enjoys “The Hobbit” and talks about Jeff grinning through the entire film. Spoilers to be found all over this one, and we plan for the end of the world Dec 21!

Random scattering of topics. Jeff recounts the horrors of Revenge of the Nerds parts 3 and 4. We discuss Arrested Development, The Hobbit, and Hanukkah.

Hurricane Sandy hit the Sugar B studios. we talk about surviving in war torn New Jersey and watch people fight for gas in this mad max podcast!

Jeff and his GF talk about the subtly racist play her school is putting on called “BEANS: the Musical”. and Mauro volunteers to audition for the main part of the bodega owner. we also talk about our comic con plans and Jess joins in with her angry thoughts.

The studio was infiltrated by a rouge fly. Mauro describes his battle to the death with the beast. We listen to the green ranger theme song.

We talk about the magic of movies!! From practical effects to great storytelling, and how CGI blows donkey dicks!! Jessica tells us about her time imprisoned as a Jehovah Witness and all the movies she missed out on. FOR SHAME!!

We talk about Jeff’s sexy trip to the Bahamas where he meets “black sparrow”, and we interrogate a drunken Jessica as she tells us who her sexy celebrity crushes are. And lastly, the nerds run down their encounters with gay men stalkers.