We recorded this in September, I forgot to upload it. Who knows what it’s about? You will, if you listen!

I forgot to post this one weeks ago. We need an intern so people have someone else to get mad at when I don’t upload the show.

The boys engaged in some foot stuff together before the show. You do the math. Jeff tells his harrowing tale of bravery when he nearly had to kill a crackhead in the middle of the night with a sword. Mauro doesn’t think its all that brave. We discuss the finer points of face eating in the… Read more »

We got to catch up with Hollywood Nice Boy, Steve Guttenberg once again. This time we are talking about his new SyFy Channel original movie, 2 Lava 2 Lantula. Steve tells us about fun times on set, working with old friends, his love affair with a Lavalantula, the future of the franchise, and more! As usual,… Read more »

Various topics are discussed, but the most important thing is that we ruined Jessica’s view of america and cigars when we discuss Ol’ Billy Clinton and his oval office antics.

I’m an idiot who can’t post episodes on time. So I don’t remember what we discussed. I think we got excited about augmented reality at some point.