Our good friend, Boogie Down Sugar Brownstein, is defecting to Germany. We try to figure out his┬áreasons, and come up with ways to make him stay. Be it by convincing him he has friends here (yeah, right), or by doing something to get him put on a watch list so he isn’t allowed to leave… Read more »

The guys get excited for Michael Keaton’s ‘Birdman’, which shows Keaton as an aging actor who played a superhero. Sounds like art imitating life, I wonder if they just followed him around with a camera and called it a movie? We also talk about the upcoming sequel to ‘Dumb & Dumber’, ‘Dumb and Dumber To‘…. Read more »

Mauro watches a documentary on Netflix about “Real Life Superheroes”, Jeff is disgusted by the recap. These goons need to grow up and behave like civilized human beings. Mauro and Jess also tell Jeff about their visit to Big Tommy Edison’s laboratory. We learn about his mysterious getaways, and various inventions.

OOOOOOOH YEEEEEEAHHHH! It’s the ultimate summer slam smackdown when the flesh flutist Christopher Sacco and the Barbecue Boy Darren Roadhouse visit the studios and layeth a smackdown on the Nerds, brother! We find out that Jeff is the worst judge of character ever, and a surprise from Jessica on the show! Whatcha gonna do, when… Read more »

Jeff gives Mauro relationship advice from his players handbook, and the nerds go to a party and watch grown men fail at picking up ladies. This episode is full of truth bombs so duck and cover, nerds