The nerds interview Carlos, a Professional LL Cool J impersonator, part time creeper, and all around muscular fellow. Carlos teaches the boys about his fantasy list of sports dudes and what it takes to be a sensitive man coming from the Boogie down Bronx. And Jess chimes in with her party problems.

The Nerds are back! Jeff has been freed from his shackles and Mauro has gone through a series of whitenings to channel his inner Jeff. Mauro wants to dress as a Wizard for his companies Christmas party, and wants to be the Spanish Dr Who. Jeff plays the middle man to a hot mess and… Read more »

This one is not for the faint of heart folks! Vai and Keta come to the studios to recount there real, documented, and certified tales of being haunted by ghosts and being attacked by spirits in India, and right here in there own home. Jeff teases the spirits and wants to live with one. While… Read more »