The Nerds are moving on up. We discuss expanding Nerds in Hell beyond the podcast, starting with blogs. Mauro has a fancy gentleman’s brush. Jess is drunk. And Jeff and Christine talk about their money diet experiment.

Jeff makes a friend! We welcome Elix, the Nerds’ resident Man on the street correspondent, Jeff’s new bodyguard, and general hoodlum. Hide your Kids, hide your wife, Elix is coming!

Mauro unfortunately enjoys “The Hobbit” and talks about Jeff grinning through the entire film. Spoilers to be found all over this one, and we plan for the end of the world Dec 21!

Random scattering of topics. Jeff recounts the horrors of Revenge of the Nerds parts 3 and 4. We discuss Arrested Development, The Hobbit, and Hanukkah.

Jeff is pumped for The Hobbit. Mauro not so much. Mauro goes as far as to claim the Tolkien universe is racist, and Jeff is racist for simply enjoying the movies.

Here we go again. Another episode I forgot to post. No idea what it’s about. Probably nothing. Listen to it.

I forgot to post this one and can’t remember what it was about to write a description. Enjoy!

Hurricane Sandy hit the Sugar B studios. we talk about surviving in war torn New Jersey and watch people fight for gas in this mad max podcast!