Here is the actual episode 22. We somehow overlooked it (I kept forgetting to post it). This is about a month old, and we are both too lazy to listen to it to write a description. So here it is. Note: This episode is not about the TV series LOST, it is simply the first… Read more »

Back from New York Comic Con. We met the Nerds and Doc Brown! And we saw about 3,000 fat Banes.

Jeff and his GF talk about the subtly racist play her school is putting on called “BEANS: the Musical”. and Mauro volunteers to audition for the main part of the bodega owner. we also talk about our comic con plans and Jess joins in with her angry thoughts.

The studio was infiltrated by a rouge fly. Mauro describes his battle to the death with the beast. We listen to the green ranger theme song.

We talk about the magic of movies!! From practical effects to great storytelling, and how CGI blows donkey dicks!! Jessica tells us about her time imprisoned as a Jehovah Witness and all the movies she missed out on. FOR SHAME!!

Jeff made some paintings, and would like to sell them as paintings. Mauro disagrees. We discuss trespassing on condemned and deserted property. Other stuff probably happens, too.

Nostalgia time. We talk about America’s past time, video games. We spent our entire childhood rotting our brains with games, and now we wont even buy a toaster unless it can run an emulator. The always inaudible Sugar Brownstein calls in and says something. Good times were had by most.