We made it! 100 episodes! I think that means we are ready for syndication or something. This is a very special episode of the podcast. We interview none other than the voice of Space Ghost himself, the great George Lowe. This is the 20th anniversary of Space Ghost Coast to Coast, and we talk to George about some fun, behind the scenes stories about the show.

20 years, seriously? Hard to believe this show premiered in 1994. Ah, 1994, those four numbers, typed out in that order, still look the same.

George also tells us about his artwork, and personal art collection. George’s art is featured in many museums, and in the personal collections of big time collectors. This man does it all!

Sit back, relax, and loosen up your inviso belts a few notches to get comfy while you enjoy the show!

Mauro’s Space Ghost: Coast to Coast 20th Anniversary Print, “Monday Mornings on Ghost Planet”

Space Ghost: Coast to Coast 20th Anniversary Print by Mauro Balcazar
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Awesome Video

A huge thanks to Michael Abboud, who made this awesome video of our intro and posted it on our facebook.
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