The guys get excited for Michael Keaton’s ‘Birdman’, which shows Keaton as an aging actor who played a superhero. Sounds like art imitating life, I wonder if they just followed him around with a camera and called it a movie? We also talk about the upcoming sequel to ‘Dumb & Dumber’, ‘Dumb and Dumber To‘. Harrison Ford is in the news due to an injury on the set of Star Wars. And Disney is rumored to have plans for the Indiana Jones franchise. We talk about the rumors, and propose our dudes lists for that project. Mauro is awaiting his new motorcycle, after his old one was demolished in a parking lot. He is planning to start up a motorcycle gang, Jeff is excited, and tries to come up with some badass names for the group.

We talk about timeless gaming franchises, Taco Bell, Comic Conventions, and of course, Coolio. All this and more in this week’s thrilling installment of the podcast.

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