Our good friend, Boogie Down Sugar Brownstein, is defecting to Germany. We try to figure out his reasons, and come up with ways to make him stay. Be it by convincing him he has friends here (yeah, right), or by doing something to get him put on a watch list so he isn’t allowed to leave (most likely). We talk about the hot new Amazon Fire phone, and discuss it’s unique features. The world of taking selfies is about to be revolutionized, we can feel it! Either that, or SkyNet is about to become self aware. More news on the virtual reality front; birdly is a realistic bird simulator, and DriveMachine is working on VR 3d headphones. Jeff finishes watching Fargo on FX, and can’t get enough.

Then we veer off into space talk.

It’s one small step for nerds, one more episode from Nerds in Hell.

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