We are now viral Vine sensations! It took long enough, but we finally made a video with some traction. Go us!

Mauro turned 30 over the weekend. We talk about our birthday adventure in the big city, and the party with his family the next day. ’24: Live Another Day’ concludes, and Jeff spoils it for us. Jeff and Mauro disagree over the importance of movie trailers.

We discuss some bizarre dreams we’ve been having lately. Pretty sure Jeff is insane, based on the description. Mauro dreams of being Mrs. Doubtfire, and impersonating Barbara Streisand.

News of Mauro and Jeff’s upcoming “vacaneymoon” to Universal Studios’ Halloween Horror Nights has Jess a bit suspicious. She dreams of catching us in bed together reading magazines, and that freaks her out for some reason.

Personally, I see no problem with a pair of dude-bros – a couple, if you will – sharing a cozy, totally hetero bro-down in a comfy bed while reading celebrity gossip columns. But that’s just me.

So cuddle up with your bro-bro, and listen to the show-show!

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