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Hey Nerds, Mauro here, excited to introduce you to a new animated TV show from Adult Swim, Mike Tyson Mysteries. You see, It’s not everyday we get an opportunity to talk to a living legend, so when Adult Swim invited us to sit down with the creative forces behind their new show, Mike Tyson Mysteries, we jumped at the chance (after yelping like little girls).

Along with Tyson lending his voice to the titular character, he’s joined by Community’s Jim Rash, SNL’s Norm Macdonald and MAD’s Rachel Ramras. The show is about Mike Tyson, his adopted Korean daughter Yung Hee (Ramras), a flamboyant ghost – the Marquees of Queensberry (Rash), and a dirty foul mouth horny pigeon (Macdonald), as they go around solving strange mysteries brought to them by Tysons’ carrier pigeons.

Resembling the classic 1969 Scooby Doo animation style, with hints of Space Ghost and the A-Team thrown in for good measure, Mike Tyson Mysteries is a hilarious new venture for the former undisputed heavyweight champion of the world. We were given a chance to speak to Mike Tyson, Actress Rachel Ramras and Producer Hugh Davidson about this new show debuting October 27th on Adult Swim at 10:30pm Eastern Time.

Mike Tyson – Himself

Getting to sit down with Iron Mike Tyson was a real pleasure and a privilege. It was evident that Mike was very excited about this show and getting to lend his comedic talents to bring this show to life:

This is Dynamite, I’m really proud of this project, I’m really proud of it, I enjoyed doing it, had no idea the footage would be so clear…

Playing a version of himself, Tyson gets the opportunity to show off his comedic side that not many of us have had the opportunity to see. Whether getting to sing “aint got no time for bird sex”, or Tyson being excited to use his fists to punch a chupacabra, this show spares no expense when it comes to hysterical situations.

On his career and how it’s evolved, Tyson talked about the new opportunities he now has that he couldn’t do in his earlier boxing days. Whether performing his 1 man play, Undisputed Truth, acting in the Hangover films, or riding around in a van solving mysteries, Mike Tyson can do just about anything.

On a personal note, I really have to thank Tyson for answering my final question about confidence. Being something that I still struggle with at times, Tyson took the time to really give us all some amazing advice and wisdom in regards to loving yourself and living the life you deserve.

Mauro’s Life Lesson

(If you were wondering what back pain looks like, check out Jeff’s face. That is a man in pain.)

Rachel Ramras – Yung Hee Tyson

Rachel Ramras gets to bring Mike Tysons’ Daughter Yung Hee to life in the new animated series. With subtle similarities to Velma from Scooby Doo, Yung Hee is very much the good girl on the show as opposed to the wretched pigeon or the outspoken Marquees of Queensberry. I found Rachel’s’ performance to be really enjoyable and a nice contrast to Tyson on the show as the voice of reason.

Hugh Davidson – Producer

Producer Hugh Davidson talked to us about what its like getting to work on an animated show starring Mike Tyson. Specifically, what its like Getting to incorporate Tyson’s Humor and larger than life persona onto the animated screen:

I imagine whats it would be like to hang out with him all the time, how that’s kind of scary, how if you’re walking somewhere, you don’t know what’s going to happen, he could walk off, people approach him…its like life with Mike, with I think must be terrifically exciting.

Filled with colorful characters and a retro animated style, Mike Tyson Mysteries will definitely be a hilarious new show you’re going to be quoting with your friends. Make sure to check out the trailer below and be sure to watch the first episode premiering October 27th on Adult Swim!

Mike Tyson Mysteries – Extended Trailer


Mike Tyson Mysteries
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On Adult Swim

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