Mauro watches a documentary on Netflix about “Real Life Superheroes”, Jeff is disgusted by the recap. These goons need to grow up and behave like civilized human beings. Mauro and Jess also tell Jeff about their visit to Big Tommy Edison’s laboratory. We learn about his mysterious getaways, and various inventions.

A gorilla at the Bronx Zoo makes Mauro an honest woman. Jeff witnesses his boss go apeshit and fire someone. Jessica reads a love letter from her ex husband in high school, while Mauro listens in shock.

OOOOOOOH YEEEEEEAHHHH! It’s the ultimate summer slam smackdown when the flesh flutist Christopher Sacco and the Barbecue Boy Darren Roadhouse visit the studios and layeth a smackdown on the Nerds, brother! We find out that Jeff is the worst judge of character ever, and a surprise from Jessica on the show! Whatcha gonna do, when… Read more »

Jeff gives Mauro relationship advice from his players handbook, and the nerds go to a party and watch grown men fail at picking up ladies. This episode is full of truth bombs so duck and cover, nerds

Mauro talks about his upcoming vacation to California, the boys dissect each others personalities, and we talk about what makes us happy.

The boys are back in town! Mauro makes Jeff watch Captain America, and thinks Jeff was used as the wimpy body stand-in.