Mere hours away from 2015, we sit down and recap the year, discuss BTTF2, and make resolutions. Fire up the flux capacitor, it’s finally happening!

Sony decided to not release ‘The Interview’, starring James Franco and Seth Rogen because they got cyber bullied by North Korea. Is this the world we live in now? A tiny man with a silly haircut can push us around and tell us what we can and can’t watch? We also talk Christmas. Mauro loves… Read more »

This one sat on the shelf a bit long because we are lazy and forgot to post it for weeks. I’m pretty sure we talk about all the new (now old) movie trailers that made the rounds at the time. I could be wrong. Deal with it.

Matt “Double Deuce” Laube makes his fourth appearance on the show. We recap “Dumb & Dumber To”. Mauro and Matt talk Dr. Who. And Jeff says what is on everyone’s mind, and calls Mauro out for being a grandma. All this and more in this thrilling episode of Nerds in Hell!

Mauro goes on an adventure to see a screening of The Last Dragon with members of the cast, and fans from around the world. Jeff is newly unemployed. Biff finally burned the company to the ground. Fun for everyone!

We interview our first ever Singer, Songwriter, and Drum Daddy, James Pasqua from “Secret Remedy”. James gives us the uncanny, in depth, all too real origin of his music and what inspired him to be the #1 Rasta Impasta of NJ!. Jess chimes in with her Christmas fears as Mauro starts to make his epic… Read more »

We have Halloween crashers at the studio as the nerds greet trick or treaters Ashlee, Sara, Katie and the adorable Darren. We cover all the bases on this one as we interview Katie on her new erotica podcast One Giant Pixel! Mauro and Darren bond over their chubby child phase, and Jeff surprised everyone with… Read more »

Jeff and Mauro go on an extravagant honeymoon mancation vacaneymoon¬†honeybro vacation to Universal Studios Florida for Halloween Horror Nights 24! We go over all the best moments from the trip. You should go check it out, it ends on November 1st! They have 8 haunted houses, 4 scare zones in the streets, and awesome shows… Read more »

We went to NYCC to work our press magic! Here we recount the laughs, the crying, the pain, the joy, and best of all, the creeps.