The nerds are 1 full bodied week away from the New York Comic Con! A lot of potential cool interviews are lining up. Visit us at booth #1239 and come do our sticker contest to win $100!! all this and Jess rants about something having to do with dudes. dude rant.

Straight from the Netherlands, Rutger Gret comes to visit the Nerds fresh off of his US world tour. Rutger has the worlds largest TMNT autograph collection and shares his hilarious stories about tracking down those sigs and stalking Whoopi Goldberg for days until she finally gives in to his ice cold Dutch eyes. We proudly… Read more »

Comic Con, a place for all like-minded people to gather and participate in ye old tradition of Cosplay. The brave and awesome people who Cosplay at cons bring so much joy to convention goers. From the amateur Geek to the hardcore Nerd, Cosplayers attract a bevy of nostalgia for everyone’s enjoyment. Pictured below are a… Read more »

SDCC has come and gone and we have been left with a bevy of awesome things to either purchase, hunt down on ebay, or pre order. We at Nerds in Hell are having a hard time figuring out what to get, truth be told, everything has left us salivating. Below is out list of the… Read more »

It’s the Comic Con episode!!!! The nerds meet their idols and Jeff is attacked by Stan Lee’s cologne! Patrick Stewart & Wil Wheaton take a shinning to Jessica and Mauro is left out in the cold. We meet the Fonz himself, Henry Winkler and get some awesome artwork done by Bob Camp from Ren &… Read more »