Jeff and Mauro take a field trip to the Chiller Theatre Convention. Then we extend that field trip to stuff our faces with tasty wieners at the Dover Grill. We also discuss the seemingly endless supply of superhero shows and movies. Mauro can’t get enough, while Jeff is just annoyed by them, like everything else… Read more »

I don’t often get excited about reading peoples’ autobiographies much. Reading an individual’s rise to fame and success is hardly ever inspiring, but every so often, a true gem is published. “Easy Street, the Hard Way” by Ron Perlman and Michael Largo is one such gem that I am very glad I picked up. Now to… Read more »

You see that giant sword in the poster, yup, this is the summer movie we’ve been waiting for… If you mash up the 1989 classic “Robot Jox” with the Mighty Morphin Power Rangers, add some Cloverfield, and finally add an incredible 2013 cast of actors & Director Guillermo del Toro’s film making and you get… Read more »