It’s the most wonderful time of the year again! Halloween is only days away. On this years annual Halloween Spooktacular, we recall embarrassing costumes and trick or treating experiences from the past, talk about horror movies that actually scared us, explain our elaborate costumes, and Jeff recites some Hamlet from memory.   All this and… Read more »

We have Halloween crashers at the studio as the nerds greet trick or treaters Ashlee, Sara, Katie and the adorable Darren. We cover all the bases on this one as we interview Katie on her new erotica podcast One Giant Pixel! Mauro and Darren bond over their chubby child phase, and Jeff surprised everyone with… Read more »

Jeff and Mauro go on an extravagant honeymoon mancation vacaneymoon¬†honeybro vacation to Universal Studios Florida for Halloween Horror Nights 24! We go over all the best moments from the trip. You should go check it out, it ends on November 1st! They have 8 haunted houses, 4 scare zones in the streets, and awesome shows… Read more »

Comic Con, a place for all like-minded people to gather and participate in ye old tradition of Cosplay. The brave and awesome people who Cosplay at cons bring so much joy to convention goers. From the amateur Geek to the hardcore Nerd, Cosplayers attract a bevy of nostalgia for everyone’s enjoyment. Pictured below are a… Read more »