SDCC has come and gone and we have been left with a bevy of awesome things to either purchase, hunt down on ebay, or pre order. We at Nerds in Hell are having a hard time figuring out what to get, truth be told, everything has left us salivating. Below is out list of the… Read more »

You see that giant sword in the poster, yup, this is the summer movie we’ve been waiting for… If you mash up the 1989 classic “Robot Jox” with the Mighty Morphin Power Rangers, add some Cloverfield, and finally add an incredible 2013 cast of actors & Director Guillermo del Toro’s film making and you get… Read more »

The nerds are on a movie binge. We check out all the summer blockbusters. This is a short episode because we had to rush out the door to see Pacific Rim. In this episode, we talk about ‘This is the End’, ‘Mars Attacks!’, and more. Jeff tells everyone about a fancy mansion party, Jess swings… Read more »